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Plan to support EMTs, paramedics passes House
RELEASE|February 7, 2024
Contact: David Prestin

State Rep. Dave Prestin’s plan to extend temporary licenses for EMTs or paramedics from 120 days to 1 year passed the House today with bipartisan support. The legislation is just the second successful plan to pass the Michigan House this year, as the body is split 54 Republicans and 54 Democrats.

“Seeing the bipartisan support behind our plan really emphasized the importance of backing EMTs and paramedics as they face critical staffing shortages across the board,” said Prestin, R-Cedar River. “Having served as a first responder for over a decade, I know the devasting impact that staffing shortages can have on medical first responders. Adequate medical resources are nearly non-existent around the state, especially in the Upper Peninsula. Our plan would begin addressing the issue by allowing EMTs and paramedics to continue training as they begin working and obtaining valuable on the job experience that will really benefit them as they work towards their full licensure.”

Prestin was joined by Rep. John Fitzgerald, D-Wyoming, in spearheading their plan, HBs 4613 and 4614, to support EMTs and paramedics. The legislation extends temporary licenses for EMTs and paramedics from 120 days to 1 year and requires that anyone with a temporary license works under direct supervision of an individual with a full license of at least the same level.

The plan moves on to the Senate for further consideration.


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